How to remove lawn ivy

Asked August 15, 2018, 11:17 AM EDT

Hi, our yard has been overtaken by lawn ivy, which I’ve also seen being called creeping Charlie and gill o’er the ground—I’ve been pulling it in a big monthly weed, but it comes back very quickly and seemingly more aggressively. I’ve read that it can be killed by applying a mix of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water, but I wanted to be sure that’s safe for everything else! I’d appreciate suggestions for eliminating or at least reducing the ground ivy in a safe way. Many thanks, Jill

Prince George's County Maryland

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Creeping Charlie is a difficult lawn weed to control. A white vinegar mix will not kill it but could very possibly kill your grass. It is very difficult to control even with herbicides.
You can spray it with a selective broadleaf weed herbicide. Late summer and early fall are the best time to spray herbicides on extremely difficult weeds like this. Spray twice, about 2-3 weeks apart. If you can find the herbicide Speed Zone is very effective on it. Always spot treat, don't spray over areas that are not infested. Hand pulling also works fine, but you must be sure to get the roots, so work when the soil is moist.
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