Viburnum with extreme distress

Asked August 15, 2018, 10:22 AM EDT

My formerly healthy viburnum is showing extreme distress as shown in the accompanying photos. It's approximately 3-4 years in the location and has done very well until now. Rhodies and azaleas surrounding are doing well. They face in a general easterly direction but shaded. Thanks in advance for any help.

Baltimore County Maryland shrubs plant care

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The symptoms on your Virburnum do not indicate a pest or disease problem, so we suspect it is an environmental issue/poor growing conditions. It looks like there is leaf scorch, which suggests the plant may have gotten to dry or too hot (from reflected heat right up against the building). It looks like the plant is situated too close to the building and has restricted space for root growth. We would encourage you to consider transplanting it to further away from the building so that it can get a better soil profile/more room to grow. Fall is a good time to transplant shrubs.

Here is additional information about leaf scorch and what causes it.