Dirt mound help

Asked August 15, 2018, 7:17 AM EDT

Hello, we recently had a pipe replaced in our front yard. Following the new pipe, the plumbers put back the dirt in a mound and then added grass seed and some straw and on a part of it, a netting (I’m assuming to keep birds away from the seeds). The mound has definitely lowered and settled as they said it would. However, we are concerned about the rocks we see in the dirt plus the uneven nature of the dirt. To us, we think we need to remove the grass/netting/straw and even out the dirt before we then add back getting grass to grow. Please help! And thank you!

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This is the perfect time to correct this situation. Most likely the seed that was sown was what is known as a contractors blend. That is not the best grass seed for our area.
Usually, netting (sometimes called Curlex or an erosion control blanket) is placed over an area on a slope to prevent the seed from washing away. Rake out as many as the rocks as you can. You may even need to order some topsoil to even out the grade. Remove the netting, straw, rake and prepare the seedbed, and then sow tall fescue seed. Look on the label of the grass seed you purchase and look for seed that contains only tall fescue. You should cover the area with straw again (perhaps you can even reuse what you raked off). Curlex is also a good idea if there is a slope. You want to do this in September. Keep it watered and the seed should germinate in about 2 weeks.