Help identify my Apple tree.

Asked August 14, 2018, 11:58 PM EDT

I have an old apple tree growing on my property that seems to have apples starting to ripen. I was wondering what kind of apple this is so I can know when the apples have reached peak ripeness. They have a mild tart flavor with a slight bitter taste, similar to a cider. I have attached photos of the tree and fruit. Any help would be appreciated.

Clackamas County Oregon

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There are many, many apple varieties, and more being developed each year. It's difficult to get a specific identification. However, we can agree that yours is an early apple, since it's very close to ripe in August. The color is red with stripes, round, and medium sized. The closest I've come up with is "Akane" or "orange pippin", but I encourage you to do your own identification search. This search site, Apple Variety Identification is fun to use. I got lost the first time I used it, so suggest using just a few search items at first. This article gives characteristics of apples grown in Washington, so apples grown in Oregon will probably be the same varieties, Apple Varietals

As far as when your apple is ripe, it's close now. You seem to have a very good crop, so just pick one every couple of days and when you like the flavor and texture, it's ripe. Keep a record of when that is and that is the best way to determine time of harvest. Of course, our variable summer weather will affect ripening to some degree, but you will have a pretty good idea.