Giant elephant ears drooping and yellowing 3 ft from another that is monstrous and thriving

Asked August 14, 2018, 9:47 AM EDT

I have 2 plants side by side outside, great drainage and morning sun. Both planted from bulbs and both came up racing neck and neck until 3 feet tall and 3 large leaves spanning on each. Suddenly few weeks ago one started yellowing at base sticking out of ground and a slow droop ensued. Decline continues. The outside of base is soft, kind of gelly and mooshy, and browning on all edges of stalks. I fertilizer a little last week no help, however next to it is now 5 feet tall with now five leaves, few 2+ feet.
We've had alot of rain in NY this year but other plant is fantastic.
Thank you for any help.

Westchester County New York

1 Response

Thank you for contacting us. Colocasia corms can be vulnerable to fungal diseases, and I suspect yours may be affected. I suggest you dig it up and inspect the corm. It should be firm, with no soft spots or discolorations. If you see any signs of disease, dispose of the corm in the trash, not in the garden or compost.

If the corm appears healthy, you may try replanting it in another location or in a pot where you can keep an eye on it and adjust water and sun as needed. If you are interested in over-wintering your healthy corms, here are some instructions: