My serviceberry tree is struggling

Asked August 13, 2018, 5:46 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Garrett County, and I have an Allegheny serviceberry tree that is struggling. It was planted two years ago. Sparse leaf canopy and leaves that there are not healthy. It has faded rapidly with all the rain this year. Has lichen on it (every tree out here does!) and a few black gashes or splits. Photos attached below. Disease or bad choice of spot to plant? Gets plenty of moisture (including runoff from road but no chemicals used here on shore of Deep Creek Lake). Thanks for any advice!

Garrett County Maryland

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The leaf close-up photo shows the tiny white dots of lacebug stippling (where the bugs inserted their piercing mouthparts and sucked juices out.) They will literally suck the life out of trees.

Here is info on lacebugs and their control:

It's too late to do anything about them next year, but keep an eye out next year and treat the moment you see one or treat preventatively.

We can't say what has caused the cankers. The tree will have to heal those itself. You can only wait and see how it leafs out next spring. Meanwhile, be sure to water it if we have a drought this fall like we did last fall. You never want your plants to go into the winter in dry soil.


Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply!