Erosion plantings

Asked August 13, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

I live along the PaintCreek in Rochester Hills. We are looking for info on :

1) deep root plantings/grasses for erosion control

.2) possible places to purchase same in Oakland county.

The riverbank has a very sandy composition and is mostly shaded with plenty of deer.The slope is currently very steep and we will attempt to build up the base with logs and rocks to establish a base. May need to step plantings or use an erosion blanket.

Oakland County Michigan

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The first recommendation is to have the soil tested. This will tell you, before any major planting, what nutrients or amendments may be necessary, as well as what your soil type, pH and organic matter percentage is—

You can also purchase a soil test self-mailer from MSU Extension office, 1200 N. Telegraph Rd, building 26 East, 2nd floor. The cost, that includes postage, is $25

Here are some links to native plants. Natives tend to have the deepest roots-

Remember to match your choices to the growing conditions- amount of sun, soil type, amount of soil moisture, as well as being deer resistant.

As to sources, MSU Extension isn’t permitted to recommend retailers or brand names. However, there are online resources dedicated to native plant producers and waterfront property management- Here are examples


There is much interest in Native plants and waterfront preservation. Start with searches on the web ( specify your search like this example with”” on the end —- “riparian erosion control”) and you will find many resources. Local publications, like the Michigan Gardener, also contain advertisers who may help you. Thank you.