And the tallest bean vine is ...

Asked August 13, 2018, 1:56 PM EDT

Which edible bean variety makes the tallest or longest vine and can grow in the Central Willamette Valley? Does a chart or database exist showing the height of bean varieties?
Wisteria sinensis and Entada rheedii have been suggested, but I'd like to find out about the tallest vine bearing an edible bean that's possible to grow outdoors here.

Lane County Oregon

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Lablab hycinthoides Hyacinth bean grows to 15', but the bean needs careful
processing to be eaten.

All parts of the Wisteria sinensis - Chinese wisteria- are toxic with the beans being very poisonous (cyanoglycidoides).

Entada reedii -African Dream Bean- is completely tropical and unsuited for our climate.
I presume you are not interested in leguminous trees. Do you have a special reason for wishing for great height in and edible bean?

My 7-year-old grandson and I are planning for next year's "Garden Science" project which we'll share with his 3rd-grade class in the fall of 2019. This summer's 2nd-grade-prep workbooks had several exercises using Jack & the Beanstalk and he became determined to grow the biggest possible beanstalk (bearing edible beans) in my garden, and I agreed. We were also inspired by our 20' tall Scarlet Runner bean vine to find "the tallest beanstalk possible in Oregon," so we'll probably expand the garden project into a science project and try a few of the tallest varieties to compare and document. He's now more excited than ever by the idea that we may actually be helping to find an answer to a real question.

What a great project. Scarlet Runner Beans usually top out at 10 feet, but But one I grew on a Quonset trellis made it to 16 and all the beans hung down inside for picking. It was great fun. The hyacinth bean is gorgeous and the leaves are very edible as are the tendrils. It over all vivid purple makes it really spectacular. Perhaps you could grow one of each for this exciting prospect. Congratulate him for me!