Early morning immature cones dropping from doug fir trees

Asked August 13, 2018, 12:37 PM EDT

I'm very curious about this green cone dropping, I've read about it happening to others with several possibilities, it, too many cones, animals doing it, weak tree, dying tree, but I can't find any real answers or if anyone figured it out, as in, did that tree die? Etc... thanks in advance for any help! Orion

Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture

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From research, there are many potential causes, as you have discovered.

1 - The tree is cycling, usually heavy cones every 5-7 years.
2- Look for squirrels or chipmunks, they annually cause a lot of cones to fall.
3 - Stress - In Lane County we lose about 5% of all the cedars and Douglas fir trees each summer it is hot, like this one. The groundwater, where the tree gets water; since it has not rained in a long time and the winter had only light rains; the groundwater is lowering, making it more difficult for trees to get water. Watering would help, but it would take a lot of water to fill the soil profile.