Copper spider with hourglass on back

Asked August 13, 2018, 10:21 AM EDT

Can you please identify this spider that was sitting in a tall plant in my garden last night? In the light, the top half appears copper, with a black hourglass shape in the middle of the top. The underside is white.

Linn County Iowa entomology spider identification

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This is a harvestman, also known as a daddy-long legs in some areas of the country. There are many species of this group of arachnids but I would guess yours is some kind of Leiobunum species. They are extremely difficult to narrow down without a microscope and can have different colors depending on the sex.
It is not hazardous to people. Your photos are really good, thank you for contacting eXtension!


Thank you for your fast and helpful answer. Based on your information, I googled "Harvestman Leiobunum spider" and found photos that were almost exactly like mine.

Also, I'm glad you liked my photos. I took them with my old Android cell phone!