Poa Annua

Asked August 12, 2018, 9:07 PM EDT

This past season I had a lot of annual bluegrass. During the spring I tried to remove as much as possible by pulling and digging up patches. Additionally I kept the grass at a longer height and removed as many seed heads as possible in between mowings. I heard putting down a preemergent treatment in fall can control this grass. What products are recommended. When would I apply it ? Also can this treatment control crabgrass if put down in the fall.

New Castle County Delaware

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Good Morning! Sounds like you've made great progress. Let me direct you to the Livable Lawns website https://www.delawarelivablelawns.org/ where we've some great general information; and then, below, I've provided several links to address your specific questions. After review if you have any additional questions give our garden line 302-831-8862 a call!