Bee hive removal?

Asked August 12, 2018, 6:34 PM EDT

I have what I think are mining bees living in my back yard in a raised areas supported by railroad ties. I can see them going in and out between the ties. I am somewhat allergic to bees, and one of these stung me a few weeks ago. I'm now recovering from a yellow jacket sting that was much worse. I'm worried about another sting. I live on the border of Portland and Gresham.

Multnomah County Oregon

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I think you need to positively identify what you have. Mining bees are quite small, about a ¼” whereas a yellow jacket (it’s a type of wasp) will be closer to ½”. Further a bee will have more ‘hair’ on its body than a wasp. However, don’t be too quick to destroy the nest as it will be abandoned in the fall as the weather turns cold. OSU published this article recently to help explain the issues this year.

However, if you feel you must destroy/remove the nest, please make sure you have positively identified the pest and use only controls that are designed for that specific pest. Alternatively, you can call a pest control company for help.