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Asked August 11, 2018, 11:57 AM EDT

Can you identify this weed? And what can I do to stop it? The orange, carrot looking, part grows above ground. It is hollow and emits an odor. It attracts a lot of flies. The white bulb part grow in ground. Growing in bed where we have wood mulch. We first noticed them this week. I pulled up 3, 8/10. The orange carrot looking top was approx. 4 inches. Wife pulled up 2 more today 8/11 in AM. I pulled up 2 more approx. 3 hours later from same area, orange top already 1 - 2 inches.

Oakland County Michigan

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This is a stinkhorn mushroom. It is very commonly found on woody mulches. Rake the mulch to expose more of it to the air, letting the mulch dry out to reduce the fungi growth. The stinkhorns and any white ‘eggs’ that are found can be discarded. As the weather changes the proper growing conditions will be gone and they will stop emerging. They are beneficial in that they are breaking down organic matter and help make nutrients available to plants. The season here in Michigan is usually July-August. Here are a couple references for you-

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