resurrection of natural plantings in areas of complete to partial shade in lutherville maryland

Asked August 11, 2018, 6:13 AM EDT

I am looking for guidance of anyone interested to visit me and guide me how to revive natural and organic self maintaining environmentally friendly edible bee and butterfly friendly flora fona edible landscape moon garden permaculture food and herb forrest and reforestation with seeds and minimal or limited expense available at this time I am willing to learn n return the goodness back .land is wooded lots of moisture insects moss fungi like an amazon rain forrest in middle of cold climate, japanese grass taking over acid soil dark areas due to pine trees slopes causing soil erosions aftermath of commercial corporate landscaping decisions thats based on building n destroying the environment

Baltimore County Maryland

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Sounds like you want to completely renovate your landscaping. You'll want to approach this systematically by making lists of priorities, sketches of proposed and desired use areas and planting beds vs. lawn, and consulting many resources.

You can begin by reading through our landscape help:
We do not do house calls, such as you propose. You can contact your Baltimore County Extension (see Staff Directory at the bottom of our homepage) and inquire whether Baltimore County Master Gardeners are willing to visit. Or click on Master Gardener at the top of our homepage.
However, ultimately you will want to decide how you want to use your landscape, how much time or money you can put into it, and how you want to tackle it.

The wonderful homeowner program "The Woods in Your Backyard" might be just best suited to achieve what you want to transform your landscape. This provides a guidebook as well as workshops: