Asked August 10, 2018, 1:44 PM EDT

I have 50+ CKW in a small section of my back yard. They are along the row of Leland cypress enjoying the cicadas. I know they are not a big deal but they are making a mess of my yard digging holes. Any suggestions?

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I do not know what CKW means.

My guess is you are referring to the non-aggressive solitary wasp called a cicada killer. There are no products that provide substantial control of this particular beneficial insect. There are no agriculture chemical companies exploring control options for this insect. The products available for use provide minimal control partly because getting the insecticide in contact with the insect in a sufficient dose is difficult. If the property is in an area that drains water well, is mostly sunny, and is either thin of grass in places or thin due to weeds, then it is an ideal habitat for this particular wasp. Efforts to alter the habitat may provide as much control of the insect as traditional insecticide applications. The only pesticide applications typically available are dusts applied near or around the holes.