Dogwood trees are not happy

Asked August 10, 2018, 11:20 AM EDT

I have two pink dogwoods with similar looking, unhappy leaves. They have black dotted looking texture to them and are not smooth. They seem to be curling as well where the black is. One tree has this all over the canopy, the other does not seem to be as affected. What can I do to help/fix the problem? What is likely the problem with them?

Harford County Maryland

1 Response

It was a very long wet spring, which was ideal conditions for some fungal leaf spot diseases. Your description sounds like dogwood spot anthracnose. Here is our webpage:

It's too late to address this. Fungicides prevent infection, they do not clear up infections.

It may be an occasional problem in the future, but if you find that the one tree is very susceptible and gets unsightly in most years, you might want to replace it with a resistant variety.