Number of soil samples per lawn

Asked August 9, 2018, 4:31 PM EDT

How many soil samples should you take form a lawn at on time. Front, side, back, side for a total of four. Or can you mix them all together and send just one sample.

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The goal is to get a good representation of your soil. If the soil around your home is basically the same, then you do not need to send in separate samples for each side of the house to the soil testing laboratory. However, if the soil is significantly different in one area--for example, all the top soil was bulldozed away at one time, or a load of off-site soil was dumped in one area--then that area should have its own test done. It could be very different than the rest of the property.

In general though, we recommend taking 8 slices of soil (as you'll see in the video on our website) from all around the property. Mix them up in a bucket and take 1 cup of soil to send away for testing. That is your representative sample.

Here's our webpage about soil testing Read the fact sheet about selecting a lab, which also covers collecting the sample, and watch the video.

As the video says, soil testing is a good investment.