Fried Tomatoes

Asked August 9, 2018, 2:43 PM EDT

I have a large number or tomatoes in my garden that are red and appear ready to harvest but I have found multiple that are brown (fried???) on the bottom. Could this be due to the excessive heat we have had? I water daily. Perhaps I have watered too late in the day and the tomatoes were still wet on one of the really "HOT" days, could that cause this browning??

I have not cut into them yet but am curious if you were to cut away that "fried" portion whether the remainder would still be useable??

Washington County Oregon

2 Responses

This is called blossom end rot. It's caused becasue of an uneven water supply to the plant. As a result, the calcium in the soil isn't transported to the end of the tomatoes. (The continuing hot weather is catching gardeners unaware; the soil is drying more rapidly than usual.)

Some kinds of tomatoes are more likely to have blossom end rot than other kinds. And container-grown tomatoes are often victims becasue pots limit root room severely.

You may be lucky in that you can salvage much of the tomato after you trim off the damage. Unfortunately, often the rot extends throughout the tomato.

Thank you for such a timely response. I will add water and cross my fingers.