Plant Identification

Asked August 9, 2018, 12:41 PM EDT

Hello, I need the attached plants identified. They were found under a cedar tree.The client made note that deer were feeding on them, mainly the one with the seedling look. He said the deer went silly bolting and running in circles after eating the plant. Client want to know if the plant is dangerous to the deer. He want to did them up if they are harmful.

Clare County Michigan plant identification

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It is very hard to tell due to the wilted state of the samples.

The first picture with the seedheads on it may be Virginia pepperweed.

The second picture may be lambsquarters or orache.

Here are descriptions of these with pictures. If the client will compare these to what she has, it may confirm the ID.



Virginia Pepperweed-

I didn’t see any reference to them being toxic to deer.

Photos of Fresh samples are helpful- sometimes placing wilted samples in a cup of water for 30 minutes or so will perk them up. If samples are brought to you with lots of live bugs on them, have the client go outside and shake or rinse them off and then bring them back to you. Although, sometimes a few insects help with I.D.! And, here is a tip for photos in future- remove from bag, try to revive in water if wilted. Then lay out flat on white paper, press or hold two sets of leaves flat so the arrangement can be seen. Include in the picture a coin or pen as a size scale. You can attach an additional 3 pictures each time you update the question, should you need more than 3 pics. This would really help us get more accurate ID and we’d really appreciate it, if it possible for you to do. Thank you for using our service.