Deer repellant and environmentally safe weed killers

Asked August 9, 2018, 11:18 AM EDT

I live on a wooded lot in Owings Mills, Maryland. We overlook Caves Valley. We have a big deer problem. Any suggestions as to the most effective sprays or devices to keep deer from dining on our various plants and flowers. Also, what are effective but environmentally safe weed killers I can use on grass and weeds growing in my wooded area. I prefer using weed killers and deer repellants that are commercially sold. Thank you,

Baltimore County Maryland

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We have a great deal of deer control information, including repellents, on our website. Start here:

We can be more helpful targeting weeds in your woods if you can tell us what weeds are the problem. Send us photos attached to a reply if you are uncertain what you're dealing with.

Stiltgrass, for instance, is a foreign invasive grass that grows in shade and is taking over Maryland woods. It is easy to pull and easy to spray with a glyphosate spray. Glyphosate is labeled as not harmful to the environment (except aquatics--which requires a special formulation near water.) But, glyphosate is a total vegetation killer and will kill all your desirable and native plants too. So, it can only be used on pure stands of stiltgrass.
Stiltgrass will go to seed soon. Cutting it off at ground level with a weedwacker should prevent it from going to seed this year. (It is an annual.) And prevents a build-up of its seeds in the soil.

Let us know what you're facing and we'll try to target the best approach to take.