Tree health

Asked August 9, 2018, 10:53 AM EDT

We are noticing a funny indentation on one side of this tree as well sap now leaking out the side and we’re hoping you could tell us if that meant the tree was unhealthy or diseased. The rest of the tree is in great shape. Also we have this tall stalky plant all over our bank and we’re hoping to identify it so we can get rid of it

Clatsop County Oregon

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The weed photo indicates that you may have a stand of Himalayan Knotweed, a noxious weed. Clatsop Soil And Water Conservation District deals with infestations of noxious weeds in this county on both public and private lands. If you go to their web page: Clatsop Soil And Water Conservation District, then click on Noxious Weed Gallery, then Himalayan Knotweed, you will see a photo and written information which will help you determine if this is what you have. The phone number of their office is there so you can call and make an appointment to have a weed expert come to your property to have a look and guide you on how to eliminate this weed.

I have a couple of questions about your tree: what is its age, what kind of tree is it, does it appear to have been damaged by something or is the bark cracking spontaneously. Also a closeup photo of the source of the leaking sap will be there a hole or is there a larger crack in the bark?

Thank you.