Sick roses in a container

Asked August 9, 2018, 8:17 AM EDT

Dead gardening experts, I have a rose in a container in a sunny spot and earlier in the season it did well, but now its flowers are gone. I started fertilizing it a couple of weeks ago with miracle gro Rose plant food (once a week, per the instructions) and the leaves looked better for about a week but now they are not looking so good. Could you please help me diagnose the situation and how to address it? Thanks in advance!

Montgomery County Maryland

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This shrub look misshapen, and we wonder if it always was like that or did it start out full of branches about the same length.

At any rate, we see not specific insect activity.
However, in the first photo, there is a section of short white "thorns" near the end of the new stem growth. This could be the beginning symptoms of rose rosette disease, in which case you should discard it or return it to where you bought it. Here is info on rose rosette:

Otherwise, keep it watered. Soil should be moist, not saturated, all the time. Let the top 1/2"or so of soil dry out between waterings.
Roses can enjoy some part shade, particularly in the heat of the afternoon. Yours looks like it is a hot location and remaining in the pot makes it hotter. It should be planted in the ground (if it doesn't have rose rosette disease.)
And, the one long branch should be pruned back somewhat.