Possible Pecking Order?

Asked August 8, 2018, 6:14 PM EDT

We have 6 chickens in our flock, and our Easter egger and polish seem to be losing feathers. Especially our polish, we noticed one our reds pecking her feathers out. Would this be getting better with time/as they age? We’ve applied Hen Healer to our polish, and have also checked for mites.

Suffolk County New York

1 Response

The feathers will grow back but the pecking may not stop, if the birds were recently mixed or had other changes in housing or diet that led to the pecking it may decrease but it can become a habit and sometimes there are birds that like being bullies. You can isolate the bird that is doing the pecking (if it is only one or two specific birds) form the flock for a few days and that may break the cycle. Be sure they have adequate space including feeders and drinkers not to be crowded or have to eat or drink in shifts. A good quality diet that has adequate minerals and protein is also important to ensure the pecking is not driven by a lack of any nutrient.