Hydrangea- white laced

Asked August 8, 2018, 2:46 PM EDT

My plant is about 7 years old. We love watching it change colors. I pruned it back just a little bit last year but it is enormous this year. Any ideas as to how to prune it back this fall?

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Hydrangea paniculata can tolerate a lot of pruning. Prune in early spring, before it starts to actively grow.

If you need to limit its size, you can cut it back to a low permanent framework (even as low as 10" in an open location, but 2 feet high if it's in the back of a border.) It will put out plenty of new growth and flowers.

In subsequent year, you can keep pruning back to just above the framework, to a pair of healthy leaf buds. If you cut it back this severely each year, it will produce bigger blooms, but not as many.