Red sore on chest of two does

Asked August 7, 2018, 3:35 PM EDT

Hello, We have a small herd of 3 does and two of the does have developed a red patch on their chests within the last couple of weeks (please see images) - we’re hoping you could help us narrow down the condition - please let me know if you need any additional info from our co-op - thanks!

Multnomah County Oregon

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There are several possible causes of the skin lesions you sent photos of. This may simply be due to rubbing on the ground or a feeder. I see the knees have quite a bit of callus indicating the goats have been getting down low, probably to reach grass through a fence or similar action. This could also be ringworm. A fungal culture of a skin scraping would be diagnostic. Another possibility is dermatophilosos. Again, a skin scraping, staining, and microscopic exam would readily identify the causative organism. The last possibility that comes to mind is mange mites. Again, a deep skin scraping and microscopic exam would be diagnostic. Treatment will be tailored to the cause so an accurate diagnosis is essential for a successful outcome. Contact you local veterinarian for assistance with a diagnosis and treatment.