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Asked August 6, 2018, 7:37 PM EDT

I would like to know the best weed and crabgrass killer organically in Oakland County thank you or any other weed killing technique that does not have chemicals

Oakland County Michigan organic weed control

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Crabgrass is an annual plant, growing from seed each year. The best management is to prevent this annual plant from taking hold each spring, and then again in mid summer. Corn gluten meal has some pre-emergent effectiveness, applied two times per season. A thick healthy lawn is going to shade out weed seeds, including crabgrass, preventing them germinating. Perennials weeds, and any large annual weeds like mature crabgrass, must be hand weeded out.

Here are some Organic weed control methods that research shows are effective:

-Keep thick, healthy lawns mowed no shorter than 3 inches; irrigate 1- 1 1/2 inches per week, fertilize as per a soil test recommendation. Thick lawns crowd out and shade out weeds.

-Corn gluten meal (CGM) is a protein-based, natural product with potential pre-emergent herbicide activity. CGM has no effect on established weeds. It is not selective and can inhibit germination of desirable plant seeds as well as weed seeds. Apply in spring when forsythia blooms, and again in late summer.

-Some success can be had using weed-strength vinegar or acetic acid solutions. This is not household vinegar. They burn all plants, not just weeds, so you must carefully spot treat the weed to avoid killing or damaging the grass or other desirable plants. These products are strong enough to burn skin and eyes, so cautions must be taken. See related link below.

-Manually pulling young weeds and digging large ones is effective.

-As always, please read and follow all precaution on labels of any garden products used.

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