Companion vegetable planting

Asked August 6, 2018, 6:06 PM EDT

I’m already planning next year’s garden and I realize I need a little help deciding which plants to group together. Could you please point me towards something that will help me know which plants need rich soil or moderate, acidic soil or basic, etc. Also a good resource for which plants grow well grouped together would be helpful. We are growing Concord grapes, various fruit trees including Apple, pawpaw, and persimmon, and wild blackberries with our vegetables and herbs. Thank you for your help!

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Companion planting is certainly one approach to gardening and we do not have science based research on this. It can have several goals.
One plant may attract many pollinators which the other plant needs;
(A "trap plant") may attract the pest insects away from another plant; and
one plant may spread around the base of another and shade out weeds.

If you want to experiment with companion planting and techniques, you may want to go to the library and look for more information. One reference is 'Great Garden Companions' by Sally Jean Cunningham. It offers some valuable suggestions for companion planting, such as using taller plants to provide some shading to other plants and good ideas on planting layout and what will grow well together.

Here is more information and a chart from NC State

Take a look at our website for growing information on Vegetable Crops, Tree and Small Fruits


Thank you so much!