For the past couple of days, we have been dealing with a VERY aggressive bee...

Asked August 6, 2018, 1:58 PM EDT

For the past couple of days, we have been dealing with a VERY aggressive bee type. It stung my daughter today and then went after me relentlessly. It's smaller than a honey bee. So far it's only been one bee at a time but will chase around entire yard. We live in the country. Can't find a nest but we have had a normal honey bee nest in our siding on and off for a couple of years. What type of bee is it? It appears to look like an Africanized honey bee.

Wyandot County Ohio

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The image does appear to be a honey bee, but there is no way to tell from appearance whether a bee has africanized genes. If you have a honey bee colony nesting in your siding, this could be a worker from that hive. Yellow jackets will also nest in house voids.

It's definitely not a yellow jacket. It's smaller than a normal honey bee. It attacks near a different area than the honey bee hive. Only one bee attacks at a time. Is it possible that it is from the honey bee hive and has some Africanized genes? It left a stinger in the skin but kept attacking other people very aggressively and followed us through are yard. Just concerned about a swarm attack.

I'm not sure what you're dealing with there. Honey bees leave the stinger and then die, but wasps and other types of bees can sting repeatedly. Sometimes honey bee hives become aggressive, and beekeepers have to requeen to keep the colony gentle, which of course isn't an option for the bees living in your walls.