Kind of Flower?

Asked August 6, 2018, 12:39 PM EDT

My wife bought a package of “wildflowers” at a street fair and this Orange golf ball sized flower popped up in the last couple of days. Can you please tell us what it is? We’d like to get more next year. Thank you very much. Les Nemeth 1912 White Ave. Lincoln Park, Mi. 48146 (313)407-2455

Wayne County Michigan

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That is a zinnea. It's not a wild flower. Maybe they threw in some zinnea seeds in just to make sure there was success as they are easy to grow . Next spring look for seeds.. They come in many colors and heights (of plants).

Thank you for the speedy reply, but are you sure that it’s a Zinnea?
i don’t mean to question you, but the one we have growing is the size and in the shape of a golf ball.
Thank you, Les

Sorry I spelled it incorrectly... zinnia. The annual zinnia elegans is considered a wild flower in Mexico and has naturalized in parts of the US. As I am looking at photos, I see some that look very golf ball like in shape.. It doesn't seem to have many leaves which is interesting as zinnia plants I have had are quite bushy. It could be a pure wild zinnia , not a hybrid. Do I see a second bloom a little lower..? I googled wildflower mix and did find some with annual zinnias.