Unidentified Wasp or Hornet

Asked August 6, 2018, 9:34 AM EDT

Hello! My name is Julie and I encountered a large wasp or hornet at Patterson (Baltimore City) yesterday evening (August 5, 2018). The wasp/hornet flew close to humans but appeared more interested in crawling through the grass. Any information you could give on its identity, behavior, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Additionally, would you mind providing some pointers on differentiating between wasps and hornets? Thank you!

Baltimore Maryland

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This looks like a cicada killer wasp. They are considered beneficial as they keep the cicada population down and should be tolerated if possible. They usually do not bother people even when provoked. Here is our website and a short video on them

Here is some information on our website
European hornets are the only true hornet in North America.