Tansy and sheep

Asked August 5, 2018, 11:49 PM EDT

I read an article that was published on your extension. I just want to confirm that tansy is not toxic to sheep. The article stated that this was the case. I want to be sure before putting my sheep in a pasture containing tansy. The sheep actually got out of the electric fence this week and are a good portion of the tansy in the other part of the field. thank you Paul Stauffer

Lane County Oregon

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Greetings Paul,

Thank you for reaching out to Extension. I can confirm that Tansy is not toxic to sheep (but it is for other livestock). Some landowners can use sheep, which are not susceptible to tansy ragwort poisoning, to precondition a pasture before allowing cattle in.

Thank you Teagan that really helps. I am a surgeon and my patients get all sorts of stuff on the internet from I don't know where. The tansey question is something that I could not reliably research on the normal web. Thank you for your help.