Wintering Arbor Vitae cuttings

Asked August 5, 2018, 2:56 PM EDT

Hi. I have planted a few Arbor Vitae cuttings,. Some of them must be taking root because they have not gone brown or faded or anything.
I am wondering what I should do with them when winter comes.
Currently I still have a number of them in several containers. When would I know to pot them in individual containers if I should do that yet this year at all? I probably started them a month ago.
They are currently located where they only get a little bit of morning sunlight. Should I gradually move them to where they would get more sunlight now that I think they are starting to root?
Thanks for any help you can give me, Kirk

Clearwater County Minnesota

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Your trees are very small and young. For the best chance of success they probably should be kept under full spectrum lights this winter to grow more before going outside. Growing plants from cuttings is similar to growing from seed because the young plants need the same things. They can be planted out next spring. They can also be planted out in mid Sept. if they have a good root system and can be placed in a sheltered place. They can be put in individual pots after they start to grow taller. That would be a good indicator of a root system. They are going to require constant monitoring until they are more robust.