eradicating wisteria without chemicals

Asked August 4, 2018, 3:08 PM EDT

We have wisteria on the boarder of our yard that our neighbor has (finally!) agreed to let us take out. We've dug up the majority of the huge stump and cut back all of the above ground vines. But we know it's almost impossible to get rid of the extensive root system. Our garden and yard are managed using organic principles including no pesticides or herbicides. Is there a way to eradicate the wisteria without using these? If not, what is the least toxic knowing we have cats, a toddler and eat from our garden?

Multnomah County Oregon wisteria

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Thank you for your question. You don’t say what type of wisteria is the problem plant, so I don’t know whether it is the invasive one or not. Here is an Extension article on removing them: Since you don’t want to use chemicals, you might want to try the mechanical methods first, and, if they don’t work, use the suggested chemical applications. Read the label directions carefully, so you can protect yourselves and your pets from harm. Hope this helps. Good luck!