Pressure canning interrupted.

Asked August 4, 2018, 12:35 PM EDT

I had a batch of salmon pressure canning when we had to vacate our home immediately due to a fire in the area. I turned off the stove, left the canner on the stove. Upon returning 6 days later the jars are sealed. Is it safe? Do I need to reprocess the full recommended time? If so, can I keep sealed lids in place?
Thank you for your help!

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I am glad that you were kept safe when a fire was unfortunately in your area.

You did not say how long the canned fish in jars had been processed when the stove was turned off. Jars are able to seal from the heat, but the specific amount of time at the 10 psi in a weighted gauge canner or 11 psi in a tested dial gauge canner needs to be done when the heat is turned off to make sure clostridium botulinum spores have been destroyed. That is 100 minutes in a half-pint or pint jar of fish; 110 minutes in a half-pint or pint jar for smoked fish.

Additionally, too long of a time period had extended. If the jars had not sealed after the correct amount of time in the correct psi level, re- processing needs to occur within 24 hours. Do discard that fish. Do not feed to your animals, either.