my pear tree

Asked August 4, 2018, 9:29 AM EDT

I have an Asian pear tree and the leaves have black dots on them and some turn yellow. What happened? What can I do to turn that around?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your pear tree looks like it has symptoms of scab and rust, two types of fungal diseases. Our wet weather this year has been very favorable for disease development and it has been a tough year for fruit growers. You can learn about these common fruit diseases on our website.

To grow fruit trees well in Maryland, you must follow an annual spray schedule. Pest and disease pressures on fruit trees are high due to our humid climate. There is nothing that can be done now to "cure" the current symptoms you see. We recommend using the Virginia Tech Home Fruit Disease management guide and follow the spray schedule for pears starting next season. See Table 3-6, Spray Schedule for Pears.