Small farm Milk & Dairy sales

Asked August 3, 2018, 12:53 AM EDT

Good evening We have a small hobby farm. One family milk cow just calved and producing farm more than we can consume. Thought we might try our hand at selling milk and possibly cheeses or yogurts. I have read much of the available literature and am left more confused than prior to research regarding the laws and/or licensing requirements. We are currently pasteurizeing. Do we need any licenses? Permits? For milk also anything else for dairy products. Must we sell from the farm? Can I deliver? farmers market maybe? a short synopsis of the regs would be greatly appreciated.

Klamath County Oregon

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To have the most up-to-date information we recommend that you call 503-986-4720, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division and have them answer your questions and scenarios about your farm's scenarios directly.

In the simplest terms if you fall under the exemption (information from ODA): What kind of dairy operators have an exception from licensing?
  • A person owning no more than three dairy cows (no more than two producing) that have calved at least once or
  • A person owning no more than nine sheep that have lactated at least once or
  • A person owning no more than nine goats that have lactated at least once
The fluid milk from these animals may be sold for human or other consumption only if the milk is sold directly to the consumer at the premises where produced.

Anything else, including other products like yogurt and cheeses or sales venues like farmer's markets or delivery will require licensing from ODA.