Dirt patches in back yard

Asked August 2, 2018, 4:47 PM EDT

Help! My backyard had very lush thick grass last year but as of this year has continued to decline . There are tufts of grass within these dead patches and grass seed did not take at all.

Dakota County Minnesota

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I would guess that these bare spots with patches of grass might be due to a fungus called “brown patch”.

Here are some sites that will give you further information about this disease;




Sometimes bare spots with tufts of grass are due to excessive amounts of fertilizer that might have been added. I would suggest that you rake these areas to remove any dead grass and water well. If no improvement is seen within a couple of weeks, add some fresh top soil and spread new grass seed. These areas look like that might not be receiving a lot of sun. So in your reseeding avoid blue grass but instead sow perennial rye grass and/or tall fescue. The following site will give you further information of growing grass in shady areas:


Good Luck!!