Non-fruit-bearing plants

Asked August 2, 2018, 12:53 PM EDT

Hello, I have a medium size vegetable garden that is having mixed results. Zucchini and cucumbers are producing lots of fruit, asparagus was great earlier in the year, radishes are fine, and my sugar snap peas are also doing well. However, a couple of key plants seem to be under-performing. My tomato plants are particularly light on fruit. I have a handful of green tomatoes on each one, but nowhere near the amount I normally see. The plants look healthy, but they're not producing much fruit. The same applies to my honeydew plant. I applied a fertilizer to my tomato plants around 4 weeks ago. Otherwise, I make sure I'm watering well and add organic matter to the soil every year. Any thoughts? Attached are some pictures. Many thanks!

Harford County Maryland

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You are not the only one!
The long period of wet weather and lack of sun, as well as some days that were very hot has negatively affected tomato and muskmelon fruit set. Some of this is due to poor pollination because bees and other pollinators aren't flying, but also when temps get really high, the pollen of tomatoes and peppers is rendered infertile.

Here is our page on muskmelons with more information:

and tomato: