Asked August 2, 2018, 11:36 AM EDT

What can be done to eliminate moss in our yard? We have had tons of dirt brought in and we still have issues with drainage. We are going to have a ditch trenched on the property to hopefully help with some drainage. We have had some of our trees cut back so we get more sunlight on our yard but have quite a bit of moss. The original area of moss tends to hold water when we get rain. We have tried Lime in the past but didn't know if that was what we should use to get rid of the moss?

Wicomico County Maryland

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Moss does not kill grass, but it will take advantage of a situation where grass is not happy.

There are 5 reasons for moss in the lawn:
Low soil pH
Low soil fertility
Low sunlight (shade)
Wet soil/poor drainage
Compacted soil

Get a soil test (search 'soil testing' on our website for how to and where to send it).
That will tell you how much lime to add to adjust the pH to what grass likes. Also, it will tell you the amount of fertilizer to use and which nutrients it needs.

You are already trying to get more sunlight in there, but grass is a sun-loving plant, so it you can' get enough sunlight in, consider plant beds (ferns, shade-loving perennials, groundcovers, and shrubs) and paths of mulch or pavers for that area.
Remember, moss is considered a groundcover!

Compaction can be addressed but shouldn't be the problem if you've just added new soil, hopefully soil with plenty of organic matter.

Here is more about moss:

Read through this guide to successfully growing a lawn: