Rose Mosaic Virus & replanting

Asked August 2, 2018, 1:06 AM EDT

I have contacted your service to have my rose diagnosed with the Rose Mosaic Virus. I will move it and the planting soil I used. My question is do I need to wait a particular amount of time before replanting a rose in the same location? It will be the only rose in my garden. Thank you, Candy Smith

Clackamas County Oregon

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Hello again, Candy. The method by which this virus is spread between plants is as yet unknown. Some speculate by pollen, but the only demonstrated means is through plant tissue. So, if you have removed all of the infected rose plant, and no roots or leaves remain, a new rose plant should be unaffected by the virus through your soil. However, as the prior articles I sent you indicate, it may be present in new plants if they were grafted onto infected root stock. And you’ll not know. Good luck!

Thank you for all your information, it has been very helpful.

The existing plant was grafted with Dr. Huey which I may have mentioned.
The new rose is on it’s own stock and should be OK.

Candy Smith

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