Pasture rejuvenation

Asked August 1, 2018, 10:43 PM EDT

I am a boarder at a private horse-only facility. The owner purchased the property last winter and is fairly new to land management and I have never needed to do it, so we are working together to set up the best conditions for our animals. The back pasture is about 1.5 acres square and seems to have been neglected for several years. It runs down a slope and in the wet months there is a bit of a pond at the end. The top of the slope is normally dry and sunny and the bottom quite soggy, with some shade provided by trees on the other side of the fence at the extreme end. Funds are limited as always, so I believe overseeding would be the most viable option since there are still some good grasses left there, but some areas need more help than others. It's a difficult pasture to choose a species for due to its characteristics, so I'm seeking some advice in that area along with when would be the appropriate time to overseed it, since I understand that varies a bit with species. Subdividing the pasture and implementing rigorous rotational grazing is on winter agenda.

Marion County Oregon pastures and forages

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I can't answer your questions with a few simple sentences as seeding and managing pastures can be quite involved.

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