Growing Cantloupe

Asked August 1, 2018, 8:24 PM EDT

My plant has a lot of flowers but no fruit. Why is that? It's been blooming for over a month.

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Hi, did you mean cantaloupe? Please clarify what the plant is so we can better address your question. Thanks for using Ask an Expert!

Yes I'm sorry, it's a cantaloupe plant. There is a total of 3

Hi and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert. Your cantaloupe plants may not be getting pollen transferred to the female flowers, especially if you do not have many bees around or other pollinators in your garden. You can transfer pollen by hand if you want the fruit to set.
The male flower looks like a flower on a stem, the female flower looks like a flower sitting on a tiny cantaloupe and then the stem. There are two methods that I have found success with, one by taking the male flower off of the stem, gently pulling the petals off and then putting the rest of the flower in with the female flower so the male flower is upside down in with the female (gently push the male down into the center of the female flower) and the pollen can transfer to the female. You leave the male flower in with the female. That's all you do. Wait a few days and you should see the female fruit start to enlarge.
The second method is easier. You leave the male flower on the stem. Take a Q-tip (cotton swab) or a very small paint brush (about 1/4 inch wide) and brush the pollen onto the swab or brush from the male flower and transfer the pollen to the female flower, gently brushing it all around the inner part of the female flower. Again, wait a few days and you should see your fruit getting bigger.
Now, as to why you do not have fruit yet. It could be the very high heat. Plants tend to sit and do very little with the high temperatures especially over 90 degrees. Basically it is too hot for them to grow and they shut down to conserve their energy to deal with the high temperatures. The temperatures are supposed to go down into the 80s this week in Linn County.
If you feel you do not have enough pollinators, write back and we will tell you how you can plant your veggie garden so they will come and pollinate.