Late season chemical control of Scotch Broom

Asked August 1, 2018, 8:00 PM EDT

Hello and thanks in advance for your assistance. Trying to determine the efficacy of late season chemical control of scotch broom. Is there any data or information on viability of spraying scotch broom in the late fall or winter months? Thanks, Matthew

Lane County Oregon

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Scotch broom can be treated in the fall or winter with good efficacy. Its hard to make any herbicide work currently under hot ,dry conditions so I would wait to make applications until the fall once the weather has changed. Oct-November would be a good timing. Both gylyphosate and triclopyr products can be effective at this timing. Make sure to use a good surfactant such as COC or MSO with applications and high GPA as plants will be hardened off and growing slowly. See the PNW Weed Handbook for specific information on rates and products...both the Forestry and Control of Problem Weeds sections.