Organic Pesticide

Asked August 1, 2018, 7:58 PM EDT

Hello....I have some small bugs on my zucchini that look like white stink bugs. Do you have an organic mixture I can use on that plant and any other plants, like eggplants or tomatoes? Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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We think you are referring to squash bugs,

Contained in the information from our website are many suggestions to help manage them. Become familiar with what the eggs look like and destroy them before they even hatch. If you have to spray we recommend,

  • Neem, horticultural oil, and insecticidal soap are effective when sprayed directly on nymphs. Adults are very difficult to kill with the insecticides available to home gardeners. These are organic insecticides.
If this is not what you are seeing please attach digital photos of the insect to this response.


Thank you so much. I will try this next time. Do you know the measurements for each ingredient?

Neem (this is an ingredient), horticultural oil and insecticidal soap are types of commercial products. You cannot make these at home from supplies around the house. They are formulated for use on plants to avoid burning or harming them.

You would follow the directions on the label for dilution rates if you buy the concentrate. And be very careful with horticultural oil and insecticidal soap to follow the termperature range limits on the label, as spraying when the temperatures are too hot, for example, can burn up your plant's foliage.

ECN it. I should have Googled before asking you. Thanks so much.