Beetles eating canna

Asked August 1, 2018, 5:00 PM EDT

I have had well more than a hundred of these bugs eating my canna leaves the past few weeks, and they also went after a calla lilly flower. What are they? Is there anything I can do other than pick them off and drop them into soapy water? They have died there, which is why I can see how many there are... My garden is in Minnetonka. The bug photo is a dead one next to a ruler. They are less than 1/2 " long. Sharon

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. The dead beetle looks like a Japanese beetle. When alive, the wings are more coppery colored. Read about them here and compare to live specimens on your canna: If you think your pest is something else, try to submit a photos of a live insect and from several angles.

Japanese beetles produce the skeletonizing damage shown on your photo. Dropping them into soapy water is a good strategy and is possible if you don't have too many of them. The above linked publication lists other control strategies.

Thank you for contacting Extension.