Deer repellant

Asked August 1, 2018, 2:58 PM EDT

Is there a homemade recipe for deer repellant? I'm having problems with a canna lily in particular and gladiolus. They are eating the lily leaves and blooms, just blooms on the glads.

Lane County Oregon

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Deer have been really bad this year.

Repellents - that work. Anything with good strong rotten egg smell. Take eggs and let them sit in the sun for a week. Crack them near the plants, very strong odor. Some of the store bought repellents are a commercial rotten egg.

Irish spring soap has a strong smell - tie a string to the soap and hand on a three foot stick.

The old Brute - mens shave cologne- has returned and is showing to have another use - deer repellent.

Blood meal placed in cloth bags, gotten wet and hung on sticks - some repellency.

There is a new sprinkler - with a motion sensor that is working well in the South hills of Eugene. It needs to be moved every week. Consistency - deer get used to lights, noise and sprinklers so the sprinkler needs to be moved.

Dogs in the back yard have been an effective method.

Best - a 9 foot fence.