Aeration/Seeding/White Pine Needles

Asked August 1, 2018, 8:52 AM EDT

I am considering aerating and reseeding my lawn. My problem is I have white pine trees bordering my property and during the fall they drop many needles on my lawn. I also have a large maple tree in my back yard which will be dropping leaves. Is there a time when I can be successful in growing the new seeds? When the needles and leaves fall I use a lawn sweeper to sweep them up. I am concerned that I will be unsuccessful because I will be sweeping up the seeds and unrooting new grass.

Howard County Maryland

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This is a tough situation. You may want to seed mid to late August. Once the new grass comes up and the leaves/needles drop you can lay some netting under the trees and collect the leaves. Or you can decide to seed in late February - early April. If you have not tested your soil in the last several years you can do this now.
Here is our website on seeding

Also, if the area is mostly shade under and around the pine trees, consider leaving the pine needles as mulch under the pines. The maple trees - you may want to lightly mulch the area under the canopy of the tree or plant a groundcover to reduce the lawn area. It can be difficult to grow grass in this location as there is a lot of competition for moisture and nutrients.