Growing blueberries near Cheyenne

Asked July 31, 2018, 9:33 PM EDT

I've had a pretty successful blueberry patch at my home in Lafayette, CO. I know they need an acidic, spongy soil. But I'm moving to Cheyenne! Wonder if I can grow them there. Maybe even transplant some of my favorite bushes. What type of soil is typical south of town - specifically in the area of Terry Ranch Rd where it meets Hwy 85 (aka S Greeley Hwy or the CanAm Hwy)? Will rabbits, antelope or local birds eat up my purple gems?

Laramie County Wyoming

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You are most likely looking at a soil that is going to be on the basic side of the pH scale and is probably sandy in texture. Anything that is green does become food for many wildlife species in Wyoming when the native rangeland turns brown. I would suggest some fencing. You will also need to think about blueberry plants that are rated for zone 3 climates. There is not much success for growing blueberries in Wyoming, but you might find success using large containers or sections of soils that have been sectioned off so you can maintain the proper soil conditions for the plants. If you have have more questions feel free to contact me. You may also enjoy information located at the Barnyards and Backyards website for gardening in Wyoming.