Clover mixed with grass

Asked July 31, 2018, 7:06 PM EDT

I would like a heat and weed resistant lawn and in general, use less precious water on our home's oversized lawn. Can I plant a mixture of New Zealand White Clover with buffalo grass or blue grama grass? Would you recommend that?

Thanks, Catherine Boe

Denver County Colorado

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What a lovely idea to reduce your water use. The following link is to a fact sheet on replacing your current lawn:

Here is a fact sheet on Buffalo grass lawn:

If you have children or dogs, buffalo grass may not be the best choice. While it can withstand some traffic, it cannot take heavy use. Also, the female plant can set seed which is prickly and uncomfortable on bare feet. Buffalo grass is a fantastic plant, we just want you to be aware of all its dimensions.

Blue grama is taller than either buffalo grass or clover. You'll want to mow it for a lawn-like appearance. At full height, blue grama is a lovely ornamental grass with unique seed heads that look like eyelashes. Blue grama is also a bunch grass. It does not spread like turf grasses which is why most folks mix blue grama with other grasses. If you have children or dogs, blue grama does not have much tolerance for traffic.

A mixed grass and clover lawn has advantages. Clover lawns by themselves are not durable and may require reseeding every 2-3 years. Clover in mixed grass/clover lawns is durable and usually can reseed itself. It does not need mowing or fertilizing and stays green all summer with little or no watering. It does not discolor under assault by dog urine as grass does.

Enjoy your new lawn!