growth on tomatos

Asked July 31, 2018, 6:12 PM EDT

We are getting a growth on the bottom of tomato's that we are growing in our garden, can you help identify and recommend a solution? Thank you, Ray

Ingham County Michigan vegetables tomato problem

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Thank you for the pictures which appear to show blossom end rot on your tomatoes. As the article below states, technically this problem is caused by a calcium deficiency but the real reason is that there is not enough water for available for the plant to transport the calcium to the fruit. Regular, deep watering is needed when there is no rain.
Remove all infected fruit and watch for any further signs on new tomatoes. The rot does not spread from plant to plant or from fruit to fruit so no need to use fungicides. Always water at the base of the plant to avoid over spray onto leaves and water in the morning if possible, to allow time for the moisture that hits the plant to dissipate. Below is a tip sheet with more info about this tomato disorder. Hope that helps!